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Who we are for you

Wherever you are right now, you need to know that you are right where God wants you. He has a plan for your life! Maybe that’s the first time you’ve heard that or maybe you’ve been told that as long as you can remember. Whatever your life has been about up to this point, we want to help you figure out who God really is, how to have a personal relationship with Him, what His purpose is for your life, and what He wants you to do next. We have opportunities for every age to learn and grow.                

Who we are for your family

We believe that a church is only as strong as its weakest marriage. We are dedicated to building strong marriages – the foundation of strong families. Good marriages can be great and hurting marriages can be healed with God’s help. We have programs to assist you at either end of the spectrum and every place in between. Our youth ministries and children's ministries seek to partner with parents to help raise up young people who desire to live Christ-centered lives, have fellowship with other believers, reach out to the lost, and honor God with their lives. We have weekly programs as well as special events designed to support parents and help them begin this type of training from the time their children are born.

Who we are for our community and beyond

We make every effort to reach out to our community – sometimes by offering educational opportunities like a parenting conference and other times by offering fun activities like a free carnival or a movie screening with free popcorn. We support missions and missionaries as close to home as Grand Rapids and as far reaching as Africa and Asia.

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