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Steve Harlos

Worship and Missions Pastor

While preparing to become an accounting major in college, God used a Christian camping ministry and a vibrant missionary family to call me into full time Christian service for my Savior. Several counselors at Springs of Life Camp were students at the Christian college I ended up attending. I worked my way through college doing maintenance at one of the largest schools in North Carolina. After Dawn and I were married, we taught at Fayetteville Christian School for four years until she became pregnant with our firstborn daughter. Unable to make ends meet at a Christian school, I worked in a Black and Decker factory as temporary labor being moved around to all shifts. I was called into full time youth ministry when my resume was handed to a pastor in Jenison, Michigan. We served in youth ministry at that church for eleven years. After that door shut, God placed me in a warehouse working an inventory control program. I realized that God had placed me there to “bloom where I was planted” and saw the fields of harvest around me, then he moved me to my current position at Georgetown Bible Church where I served two years as a layman before coming on staff  full time in 2000.

My family has always lived around and loved music. I love music and hearing the voices of a congregation lift praise and worship to our worthy God. In developing choirs and praise bands, I see more and more people involved in worship rather than being the innocent bystander. Missions is also my heartbeat as I have a goal of having every member participate in a short term mission trip at one time or another. When they get a glimpse of the fields that are white unto harvest, God can begin to open their eyes to serving Him, whether here or abroad. It helps our congregation also to know our missionaries better and understand how to pray more fervently for them.

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