Our Nursery is available for children from birth until their 4th birthday.

Although we make every effort to accommodate special situations, the following guidelines are generally followed for moving children through the series of nurseries:


 Infants – birth until first birthday 


Walkers – first birthday until second birthday


2’s & 3’s – second birthday until fourth birthday*


*When your child turns four, they move up to Children’s Worship which is available during the morning service, for children ages 4 through 5th grade.


A few things you should know about the Nursery at Georgetown Bible Church:

  • Each and every worker has been through our Safe Kids training program and has had a thorough background check to assure the safety of your children. Our workers wear a nametag so you can see that they have been approved to work with your children.

  • Our Early Childhood Center is a peanut free zone.

  • The toys in each of our nurseries are sanitized every week to lessen the spread of germs.

Parent Visitation policy

Parents will be allowed to go back to the classroom with their child, whether to drop them off or to stay for the entire session, for their first two weeks.

Check-in / Check-out Procedure

As part of our Safe Kids program, parents are asked to sign in and sign out all children in 2nd grade or under.  Parents who drop off children in the Early Childhood Center will be given a “claim check” that will match the child’s nametag and must be presented in order to pick the child up.  Children are to be released only to their parents so please don’t send big brother or big sister to pick them up.

Sickness / Illness Policy

Your child is welcome in the nursery if he/she has been free of the following symptoms and/or illnesses for the last 24 hours.

Fever (without fever-reducing medicines)
Diarrhea, vomiting
Runny nose*
Questionable rashes*
Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
Active Chicken pox

If your child is being treated with antibiotics, he/she should be on the medication for at least 24 hours before coming to children’s programs.  Remember, we want all of our children and children’s workers to remain healthy and happy.

Thank you for your cooperation!

*If your child has a continually clear runny nose or rash due to non-contagious allergies, please let us know. We realize that some symptoms hang on long after the child is no longer contagious.

Please make sure we are aware of any allergies your child may have and any special instructions concerning them.

If you are interested in working in the Nursery (or any other children’s ministry), you must go through our Safe Kids Training.