I finally understood salvation and what it meant to have a personal relationship with the Lord at age 43. On an Easter Sunday morning while I was home alone, I was watching Charles Stanley on television. He explained that when Jesus died, Charles died. When Jesus was buried, Charles was buried. When Jesus rose from the grave, Charles rose – clean, spotless, and free of sin. God had paid his own price for my sin. It was a wonderful morning.

However, almost 13 years later, I still didn’t know much about what God was really like or what He wanted from me. My new husband and I attended several churches, enjoyed the fellowship and were involved in the programs, but they seemed more like duties rather than a way of life.

Then we began attending Georgetown Bible church and met the new minister, Pastor Garry. We began listening to the messages he brought every week and more than that, we began watching his life and knowing his family. If someone was sick, he was there, if someone was grieving, he grieved with them. He put his family ahead of his own interests every time. Pastor Garry taught us biblical principles about marriage, financial matters, relationships with each other, and how to apply these principles to everyday life, beginning with his own. As our church has grown, so have the people who attend. We now have a wonder staff with four caring pastors who are well equipped to handle the word, and show by their own example how to apply biblical principles to our lives. There is never a person in need financially that either our pastors or some of the members make sure the needs are taken care of. We never go through heartache alone; our church family is always there to ease the hurt in many practical ways. We know from our own experience of receiving gift cards, letters, and meals in times of sickness, and offers of help in many other tangible ways from our church family that there is a genuine love for each other at Georgetown Bible Church.

If anyone chooses to call GBC their church home, we welcome you and expect you to grow in love right along with us. We encourage you to become part of this warm, working family that honors God.

Pat Duimstra