Books Worth Reading

Books reviewed and recommended by the staff on a variety of subjects

Georgetown Bible Church recognizes that any devotional (or other book) written by any author is not a substitute for spending time in the Scriptures. A devotional may encourage an individual but must never be read or taken as equal value with the Bible. Devotionals and their authors are not inspired or authoritative. Please make sure you read with discernment.

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Willing to Wait – The Whole Truth

Videos to Watch

short videos on a variety of useful subjects

Movies to See

good movies to rent or buy

Music to Inspire You

videos to watch, Cd’s to buy

New Praise Band Songs

You can learn them at home and sing them with more spirit in our worship at GBC!

Listen to This…

Useful and inspirational audio files

Read This…

Useful and inspirational articles


TRUE Worship!

A multi-media representation of what worship REALLY is

Websites to visit

Links to helpful websites

The Best Kept Secret In Church

An educational conference on a topic that is impacting the lives of our nation, our community, and our church family.

Planning For The Future

a series on estate planning for all ages

Whole Again

a true story of grief, loss, healing and growth


Our Library has over 6,000 items that can be checked out for a 3-week period.
We have many DVDs for children and families, VHS, CDs, Cassette, PC-CDs, Bibles Studies, Concordances, Christian living books, Family, Parenting, Fathering, Mothering helps, Mission minded books, Autobiographies, Fiction books, Children’s books, Junior readers and Teens.

The Library is located in the D-door hallway on the west side of the south building.